Hairdressing video? It's a snip for trainee stylist

Hairdressing video? It's a snip for trainee stylist

A promising stylist and budding entrepreneur from Stockport College has gone to great lengths to gain a job in the industry during national lockdown by producing, narrating and starring in her own hairdressing video.

Determined not to allow travel restrictions to stop her from gaining work at a Stockport salon, the plucky Chapel-en-le-Frith student created an online tutorial, akin to those of social media influencers, to showcase her Level 3 Hairdressing skills in the advanced highlighting technique of balayage.

Finding a willing model and supportive filmmaker from within her bubble, Jaimee-Lynn Earwicker was able progress her job application, after having successfully beaten her nearest rivals the third stage of the interview process.

Jaimee-Lynn, 21, said: “When I first started at Stockport College I wasn’t a good stylist, I only knew the basics, but within eight to 12 weeks I’ve really been able to experiment with creative cuts and colour, and gained so much confidence in the process.

“I came in half the stylist and now I feel like a fully-fledged hairdresser”

Jaimee got into hairdressing after receiving a confidence-boosting haircut during her recovery from gastroenteritis which prevented her from completing her final year of A Levels. Since then, she has been an apprentice, but now says she has found the right course.

“I initially got a haircut to cheer myself up, but the confidence it gave me walking out of that salon, made me want to do this myself and make other people feel that way too. Now I just want to keep on learning by studying barbering and make-up, basically to get as many qualifications to make myself the best stylist I can be,” Jaimee explained.

“At Stockport College it’s the tutors that really make it exciting for me, Wendy really understood where I was coming from when I applied, she connected with the stylists and techniques that really inspired me. It’s here that I’ve really been able to find my confidence and creativity.”

Jaimee is already beginning to build up a following on Instagram and Facebook, through which she offers mobile hair and beauty services at Jaimee.Styles. She already has a long list of customers lining up to get their hair done, including all of her family!

Programme Leader for Hair and Beauty, Wendy Grayson, said: "Jaimee-Lynn has been incredibly professional on her hairdressing course from the get-go, and with these type of media skills, we wouldn't be surprised if she became a stylist influencer!

“I’d like to congratulate Jaimee on all the work she has done on this video, she’s really showed off all of the professional skills she’s learned so far on the course and impressed us with her balayage. We're proud to count Jaimee-Lynn among our students who joined us in September and are confident of what the future holds for such a rising star.”

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