Trafford College Group students spearhead ‘register-to-vote’ campaign

Trafford College Group students spearhead ‘register-to-vote’ campaign

Equalities Council students from the Trafford College Group are heading up a new register-to-vote campaign in support of this year’s crucial local elections and Mayoral election.

Students Esha Mumtaz, a health and social care student at the College’s Stockport campus, Michael Jarkowski who studies A Levels at Altrincham, and Shabab Ahmad, a full-time GCSE student also based at Altrincham, have been working together to deliver a persuasive presentation to support voter registrations and encourage their fellow students to engage in all levels of democracy.

The presentation focuses on the importance of having a voice in the local community, the role of local councils and elected mayors, why local elections are so important, and how students can cast their vote. The students are also using this opportunity to educate their fellow learners on the role of the Equalities Council in the College and how they can get involved.

Local elections take place on 6th May, making this a key date in this year’s calendar for all Greater Manchester communities as they elect their Combined Authority Mayor and the councils that will oversee the recovery of our boroughs following the public health crisis of Covid-19.

Michelle Mclaughlin, student engagement lead commented, “One of our key roles as a further education institution is to educate future generations to use their voice and be a part of real political change. The most effective way to do this is to encourage voter registration, and for students to take their place in society as active citizens, using their right to have their say and vote.”

Michael added, "The outcomes of elections have such a significant impact on our lives, so it's essential young people understand why and how to vote. Getting more young people engaged with politics means politicians will have no choice but to address our views and concerns. One vote may not change the world, but together the votes of young people can make a vast difference."