Support your child’s online learning

Support your child’s online learning

The Trafford College Group's community learning team is coming to the rescue of parents who are struggling with the demands of home-schooling.

When lockdown brought the country to a standstill earlier this year and classrooms were replaced with online learning, the situation marked not only a major transformation in children's education, but also a shift in parents’ involvement in their education. Suddenly, parents had taken on the role of teacher, and adults everywhere took to social media to share their hysterical tales of home-school teaching.

The return to classroom learning in September didn’t signal the end of online learning, and due to covid-19 hygiene measures, schools are now communicating primarily online via email to set children’s work, especially in preparation for any further lockdown.

For many, this rise in online learning can be a real struggle. Everything we do today involves using a computer and now, more than ever, there is greater reliance on technology as it becomes embedded within school projects and homework.

Lockdown taught us that parents can be an important source of motivation for their children, and their learning. However, many children were unable to engage with learning during lockdown as their parents didn't have the IT skills to support them.

Trafford College’s Community Learning team have developed a course that is particularly relevant to the current situation with Covid-19. Aimed at parents of primary school age children, the course will help equip them with the IT know-how to support their children with learning on-line.

Learner Charis Edwards said: “ I now feel both confident and comfortable with the features of Microsoft Word and I can navigate around the computer which I could never do before. I can also help my children do their homework knowing exactly what to do.

"I particularly enjoyed the learning and understanding the various security precautions I need to take as a parent to protect my child online. In fact, I feel empowered. We understood and practiced video calling, I am feeling hugely confident with Zoom because, initially, I was afraid of video calling.

I would also like to mention that the pace of the session was perfect as we didn’t feel overwhelmed. I would like to join another course like this in the future.”

Student Mehvish Jubeen said: “I really enjoyed the course, especially learning new features on Microsoft Word which will help enhance my children's homework. Learning about video calling apps such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, Screen-time settings and privacy settings etc developed my confidence as most schools are now online. My sister would now like to also join this course.”

Tutor Neetal Parekh said: “This course focused on empowering parents to support their children online through learning about social media/gaming privacy settings, to practise and understand video calling as well as learn essential digital skills to help their children with homework and communicating online.”

If you would like to improve your computer skills so you can support your child’s learning online, then this short course is for you.

The course covers a number of topics including:

  • Using computers (identifying and solving basic technical problems)
  • Communicating online
  • How to use online software e.g. Microsoft Teams/Zoom
  • Staying safe online
  • Useful websites to help support learning

There is no charge for the course, but learners are expected to attend all five sessions. Social distancing will be in place and it will be mandatory to follow appropriate health & safety guidelines as advised at enrolment.

For further information, please contact the Community Learning Team on 0161 886 7443 or email