#WeStandTogether police Chf Supt faces questioning…

#WeStandTogether police Chf Supt faces questioning…

Students from Stockport College got the chance to quiz Chief Superintendent of Greater Manchester Police Umer Khan OBE on his passion for uniting communities, as part of community cohesion campaign #WeStandTogether, a charity responding to incidents like the Manchester Arena attack.

As a new arrival to the UK from Pakistan, Chf Supt Khan studied English Language support classes and car maintenance course with the College Group. Joining the police aged 21, Umer rose through the ranks to his current position with the Greater Manchester Police.

Students from all curriculum areas within Stockport College and Trafford College were invited to the virtual event, broadcast live over Microsoft Teams, with questions coming from Chloe Freeman and Elita Harper, who are studying law & psychology, Foundation Pre-GCSE student Uswah Sayyed, Dione Weller, studying Applied Science and Shabab Ahmad, who is part of the Full Time GCSE Programme..

Deputy Principal Carmen Gonzalez-Eslava said: “This opportunity was incredibly inspiring for our students, who were able to take away a lot about resilience and the importance of commitment to addressing social issues from Umer’s personal and professional stories. The College is extremely proud to count Chf Supt Umer Khan OBE as one of our star alumni.”

Shabab Ahmad, who plans to study physics at university, said: “It was a privilege to speak to someone in such a high-profile position within the community and develop the presentation skills I’ll need in my GCSE course and the future. Speaking to the Chf Supt has made my CV stand out as well as gain some really helpful insights.”

The Chf Supt spoke on a wide range of topics covering equality and diversity, violent crime, offences against women and girls, criticism of the police and community cohesion. He was also quizzed about career opportunities within the force.

“There are roles in forensic services and call handling, all manner of roles within police vehicle fleets and people who look after horses and dogs that all enable frontline policing,” said the Chf Supt, who pledged to work with the College to share opportunities within the force. He added that students could apply for voluntary roles – that come complete with warrant card and uniform - for a minimum commitment of 1-2 hours each month as soon as they reach the age of 18.

He said: “I’m absolutely proud of the students of Stockport College. Their intelligent questioning and understanding of our processes were way beyond what I would have expected young people to have had. I’m really, really proud. I was nowhere near that level when I passed through the College when I studied English lessons.

“Don’t just be in your little cliques or little groups, go and reach out to speak to someone who is different from you; from a different background, different ethnicity, and different faith. That is what #WeStandTogether is all about, it’s about celebrating our differences that exists. That difference has made me the person that I am and I’m proud of it and that is why I’m committed to doing the things that I’m doing because I’ve been given so much by that diversity, that love and the care of the teaching staff here [Stockport College] and other people who have made me the person that I am.”