Register to vote campaign signals start of Parliament Week

Register to vote campaign signals start of Parliament Week

Students armed with tablets and smartphones are lobbying peers to register to vote in college during national Parliament Week.

All UK citizens from the age of 16 can register online at government website and can have a say in local elections, general elections and referendums after turning 18 years of age.

During Parliament Week from November 2nd to 8th, students can sign up with the support of tutors during college tutorials and with library staff via a link available across College computer terminals.

Commenting on the last College-wide vote on topics to be debated by Youth Parliament, our UK Parliamentary Ambassador Michelle McLaughlin said: “We had a fantastic turnout for our Make Your Mark Campaign. All the campuses replicated the same results. The top issue was the environment, followed by knife crime then mental health.”

Students were able to vote for one of five issues via a computer pop up with a total of 500 voters making their mark in Stockport.

Stockport Equalities Council is expected to receive a visit from Greater Manchester Environment Team’s Simon Evans to kick start their research into solutions for local environmental issues, which they are set to present to Stockport Council in the New Year.

In addition, voting is also due to take place at the end of November to select the leader of the Equalities Council, with the winner embarking on a prestigious leadership programme to shadow prominent members of the community and receive free mentoring, advice and guidance.

To become a member of your local Equalities Council and be in the running for the leadership programme, contact UK Parliamentary Ambassador