Lecturer presents to the world

Lecturer presents to the world

Academics from all over the world are revisiting their teacher training curriculum following a series of presentations from a Stockport College lecturer.

Childhood Studies tutor Dr Controllah Gabi called for better pastoral training for teachers among members of the British Educational Research Association at the University of Manchester on Thursday 12th September.

Findings from his paper, The Fully Functioning Student, show nine out of ten HE students felt pastoral support – integrative help with academic, health and social wellbeing – was essential their overall learning experience, with one in three claiming to perform better when they felt their lecturer was caring.

Dr Gabi said: “Students have two aspects to them – the human being and the student. They are humans before they are students, and it is important that in education we do not overlook the human in the student.

“At Trafford College Group we have a fantastic pastoral care team and we already integrate pastoral care into our pedagogy - in other words, we are not just interested in teaching the student, we are interested in developing the whole person – a well-rounded learner. We just hope this research will influence other colleges and universities in adopting this humanistic approach.”

One of Dr Gabi’s other research papers on child refugees, presented to academics from the European Early Childhood Education Research Association in Greece in August (20-23), resulted in the formation of a special interest group of international academics to look at how best to incorporate the teaching of children from refugee backgrounds in teacher training. His aim is for graduate teachers to be sufficiently equipped to support learners in a classroom that is increasingly becoming global in composition.

The team, which includes academics from Australia, the United States, Sweden and Finland, are putting together a bid to UNICEF for funding into further research on the experiences of children from refugee backgrounds across the world.

“The College is already using my findings enhance the curriculum, particularly in the delivery of Global Perspectives on Childhood. While child refugees may be physically included in a classroom, they can still in effect be excluded by lack inclusion in the core activities of education settings owing to practitioners’ lack of knowledge about how best to educate them,” he added.

Dr Gabi, is the author of several papers in the British Educational Research Journal and last year published Amazon best-seller The Dissertation.

“Thanks go out to the students who contributed. As well as receive knowledge, students at Stockport College are proud to be part of the generation of knowledge that will shape curricula in future.”