Celebrity photographer returns to class for online Q&A

Celebrity photographer returns to class for online Q&A

Photography undergraduate Kai Giraulo has paid a virtual visit to College to share the secrets behind the success of his snaps of the likes of Iyana, Delilah and K-Trap for magazine and online audiences at the age of just 21.

The former Lymm High School pupil studied Level 3 Photography Course after being recommended the course by a friend, who spotted his early talent for taking shots of street fashion for Instagram.

Learning the tricks of the trade from accomplished tutors, Kai was able to navigate the dark room to digital photography by the time he left College in 2018 to study Fashion Photography at The University of Arts London, the London College of Fashion.

Kai spent the time around his university studies contacting photographers for assistant jobs, resulting in unusual commissions for someone so early in their career, most notably from leading art & culture magazine, Notion and Amazon Music, taking photos of models and up and coming musicians.

Kai from Manchester said: “When I think about the people I’ve shot now, it’s pretty wild. I’ve been lucky enough to have someone I can practise my creative shots with on camera, but I think the secret is to talk to the people you’re going to shoot in order to put them at ease and get a sense of how they want to appear to their fans.

“Learning about the early pioneers of photography and gaining skills in a range of modern and old techniques in College gave me a really good baseline to work from. Tutors really took the time to talk me through each brief, which helped draw out my style. You get a lot more attention in the College’s smaller class sizes.

“My advice to anyone thinking about a College course, is to go for it and try it out. I’m not very academic, but if you persevere, something will just click and you’ll get through it the challenges. University was a big step up, but my tutors believed in me. If it wasn’t for College and them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. This is one of the reasons why I’m giving this talk, to help people in the same way the College helped me.”

Kai’s next goal when he graduates this year is to travel with his unique style in order to try out taking shots of different people, places and lighting as well as exhibiting with the view to one day sell his pictures in galleries.

“I see so many amazing photos that just get swiped through online, so I think you’ve really made it as a photographer when you see your work in print, in a magazine or in a gallery. I would love to exhibit and maybe even sell a few photographs one day.”

Kai was quizzed on his success by Art & Design students at an online Q&A.

To see more of Kai’s work, visit his website https://www.kaigiraulo.com/ or Instagram page @kaigiraulo.