Osei’s mission to help

Osei’s mission to help

When 24-year-old Osei Hwedie relocated to the UK from Italy, he was determined to adapt as quickly as possible and continue furthering his education.

Ghana-born Osei moved to Italy when he was four years old and then decided to join his mother and sister in the UK in 2016 - who had relocated a couple of years earlier - when he finished school.

He enrolled on an Access to Education Health Science course with Stockport College.

Osei commented, “When I left school, I wasn’t really interested in furthering myself. I just wanted to work and earn money. But I asked myself, what kind of life is that? So when I relocated to the UK I thought, Osei, what is your plan, what is your goal? How are you going to change the world? So I started from scratch, and I worked my way up again from the bottom to get where I am today. Now I wake up every morning with purpose. Yes, it’s stressful, but I’m doing something with my life and not wasting time.

“Starting my studies in the UK was tough, as the language was a barrier, but I had to get used to it and I worked so hard to achieve what I have so far.

“The best thing about studying at Stockport College is the tutors. They are all so friendly and fully understand the difficulties with adult education. I’m so happy here, my classmates are wonderful. They understand me and help direct me onto the best path.”

But Osei’s ambitions don’t end with his access course. He plans to finish his course and head to university before opening his own radiography centre in his birth country.

He continues, “My overwhelming purpose in life is to do whatever is required to help my people in Africa. I hope God will help me achieve that purpose. I want to have my own business, but with the aim of helping others.”