Students Inspire Lecturer's Best Selling Book

Students Inspire Lecturer's Best Selling Book

A lecturer from the University Centre Stockport College has made the top 100 on Amazon’s best seller list – a success he credits to his students.

Questions from learners at the College's Altrincham and Stockport campuses inspired Dr Controllah Gabi to write the guide, which explains how to conduct research and write dissertations.

Dr Gabi, who currently lectures degree-level students in Childhood Studies, and Health and Social Care at the University Centre Stockport College and Trafford College, said: “It’s the students who have actually inspired me to produce the book, a lot of their ideas have been included in it. While I was writing this, I imagined my students asking me questions and thought about those that were repeated over time.

“Writing dissertations is different from how you complete other assignments, where you would usually just do your research in the library and produce the assignment. For a dissertation, you have to gather your own data and this book tells you how to do that”.

As well as telling readers how to start their research projects, The Dissertation also defines keywords in an attempt to bust through academic jargon and make learning more accessible.

“A lot of students I teach aren’t 19 and haven’t just finished their A-levels. They have been out of education and building their careers over a long time, and a dissertation may be something they have not carried out before. This book helps people in such circumstances as well.”

Dr Gabi started collecting material for the text over two years ago, penning the final draft with his wife, who is also an academic, over the summer holidays.

“Students who choose to study here get more for their investment. They not only benefit from reading the book, but they have access to the person who wrote it,” Dr Gabi explained.

The Dissertation is Dr Gabi’s first non-fiction book. His other books, Pain, and A Leave of Absence, are collections of poems on the subject of living between two different cultures - native Zimbabwe and adopted homeland, the city of Liverpool, UK.

Controllah Gabi’s The Dissertation is available via Amazon from £9.99 on Kindle or £15 paperback.