Students told to scrap beauty standards by visiting Lecturer, Emily Wood

Students told to scrap beauty standards by visiting Lecturer, Emily Wood

In the competitive world of Beauty and Fashion it can be hard to get ahead of the latest trends whilst also working to get noticed by companies such as Glamour, Missguided, Boohoo and Flanelle.

One Make-up Artist that is making waves in the Beauty industry is the talented Emily Wood. Emily is a self-titled ‘face decorator’ who has worked with national beauty companies and a host of celebrities; Freya Ridings, Becky Hill, Chloe Ferry, as well as working a little closer to home, collaborating with her sister Amiee-Lou Wood, best known for her role as Amiee Gibbs in the Netflix original comedy-drama series Sex Education.

Emily paid a visit to students studying Media Make Up, to steer an engaging session that touched on the application of make up for television and photoshoots, as well as discussing career opportunities and secrets within the industry with the class.

One piece of advice that resonated most among students was Emily’s comment on how she has created the reputation that led to her success. Emily told students: “don’t conform to beauty standards; do something weird and wonderful that will not only show off your personality and talent, but will get you noticed by all the right people. Stick to what you’re passionate about. For me diversity was essential, not just the diversity in projects, but the diversity in my models and the make-up I use”.

Beauty and Make Up Tutor Adam Nicholls, who organised the guest lecture later added: “Emily has stuck to her distinct style and made a name for herself. It’s important to know what direction you want to go in because the industry can be highly competitive”.

With an increasing following on Instagram, and a portfolio that demonstrates exactly why Emily is where she is today, students left the session with a newfound insight into the Beauty and Fashion industry.