Giving students a global education

Giving students a global education

Stockport College has once again proved its commitment to providing a global education to students by hosting a very special guest speaker from 7,000 miles away.

Digital teaching and learning technology at the College enabled students from Level 6 BA (Hons) Childhood Studies class to hear from and speak with published lecturer, Fungai Mauchi, of the Bindura University of Science Education in Zimbabwe.

Mrs Mauchi is a lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Governance and author of several established research papers on subjects ranging from the importance of teaching entrepreneurship in education to the challenges females face in starting up businesses.

The VIP virtual visit was organised by the College’s Childhood Studies lecturer, Dr Controllah Gabi, who himself is no stranger to speaking at international events, having presented his research to European Early Childhood Education Research Association in Greece as well as the British Educational Research Association here in the UK.

Dr Gabi said: “By inviting people like Mrs Mauchi to speak to students, we’re able to offer our learners real global perspectives on education, which provides a well-rounded experience for their choices and careers in the modern world.”

“Students tuning into this lesson were not only able to see and hear from this celebrated academic from the other side of the world, but they were able to develop their confidence and questioning skills to find out more about their subject first-hand in a long-distance question and answer session.

“We were delighted Mrs Mauchi was able to join us and we’re looking forward to welcoming many more speakers like her in the future. Next time we are hosting an expert based in Australia to give another global perspective.”

All student feedback was also complementary. For example, one of the students, Leanne, remarked, “Thank you for organising the guest speaker today. She was extremely engaging and I gained a lot out of the session. It was interesting to learn about a different culture from someone with first-hand experience. This is something I would like to explore further with a range of different international speakers.”

Another student, Charlotte, added, “I found the guest speaker this morning very insightful. Although information she provided is available from a range of sources, it felt more meaningful and retainable drawing from experiences and knowledge of someone from within the culture directly and in an interactive way. I would be very interested in any future lectures of this nature.”

Fungai Mauchi holds a Diploma in Education from Gweru Teachers College, B.Com Management and M.Com Strategic Management and Corporate Governance degrees from Midlands State University. She is currently doing PhD studies at Durban University of Technology with area of study being ‘The influence of demographic factors and culture on the risk management practices of SMEs in Zimbabwe’. She has two years teaching experience at a secondary school and 15 years teaching experience at a tertiary institution. She has published eight articles in peer reviewed journals.

Mrs Mauchi spoke to students on the subject of Cultural Perspectives on Family and Childhood in Zimbabwe.