Excellence in Apprenticeships and Business Training Celebrated at AJ Bell Stadium

Excellence in Apprenticeships and Business Training Celebrated at AJ Bell Stadium

Local businesses and apprentices from Greater Manchester gathered at the AJ Bell Stadium on Thursday 7 March to celebrate The Trafford College Group’s Apprenticeship Awards 2019, on what marked the first year of the college’s joint apprenticeship week.

View the Apprenticeship Awards Gallery here.

The Trafford College Group, who in the last year were announced to be the number one provider across Greater Manchester for timely apprenticeship achievement, hosted the annual event in recognition of some of the borough’s most talented apprentices and the exceptional organisations that go the extra mile to give their workforce the edge though training and skills development.

The celebration saw more than 30 awards given to apprentices and organisations who have shown great commitment and dedication to training and development over the past year.

The awards were presented by Principal Lesley Davies OBE and Assistant Principal Alex Fau Goodwin with a broad cross-section of vocational and academic industries represented, including; business, sport, building services, hospitality and engineering to name but a few.

One of the apprentices celebrating the award for ‘Overall Apprentice of the Year’ was Kane Brown. The 17 year old was recognised for his commitment to his training by applying himself and his abilities to the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM), where he has been carrying out his apprenticeship. Earlier in the evening Kane was awarded ‘Hospitality Apprentice of the Year’ and was commended by his colleagues from RNCM.

Kane’s manager Joe Timperlery said: “Kane is a true success story. Having developed beyond all expectation he is greatly admired by all his colleagues at the Royal Northern College of Music. He is keen and quietly enthusiastic about all aspects of his course and employment and having demonstrated a real commitment to succeed, has always approached all aspects of his course with a smile. His assessor has also watched him develop from a shy school leaver into a skilled professional, so it goes without saying that his colleagues think he is just a true star”.

Principal Lesley Davies said: “Our presentation evening celebrated the fantastic achievements and dedication of our apprentices and the commitment of the businesses and organisations we work alongside to deliver our apprenticeship programme. 

The phenomenal feedback we receive from employers demonstrates the change that our apprentices make on the landscape of businesses across Greater Manchester. With the ever changing face of education in the U.K it’s reassuring to us that the stability and drive our learners offer is influencing the Northern Powerhouse for the better”. 

Apprentice of the Year

  • Seema Ahmed - Professional Studies
  • Rochelle Mann - Early Years
  • Benedicta Adeyeye - Health and Social Care
  • Hannah Ahmad Sport
  • Latisha Jones - Hairdressing
  • Kane Brown - Hospitality
  • Caillan Allen - Construction (Brickwork)
  • Henri Simpson - Construction (Carpentry)
  • Vijay Johnson - Plumbing and Gas
  • John Gradwell - Heating and Ventilation
  • Stuart Almond - Science
  • Aiden Barker - Motor Vehicle (Joint)
  • Dominika Drabinova - Motor Vehicle (Joint)
  • Adam Cockerill - Building Services
  • Alex Barnes - Engineering
  • Kane Brown - The Trafford College Group

Commitment to Training Award:

  • Pearson - Professional Studies
  • Longford Park School - Early Years
  • Tameside Active Medlock - Health and Social Care
  • CEPD Chester - Sport
  • House of Finesse - Hairdressing 
  • Mission Mars - Hospitality
  • Pentagon Play - Construction
  • Aquatec Limited - Plumbing and Gas
  • B-Mech LTD - Heating and Ventilation
  • Kapoor Pharmacy - Science
  • Shipshape Marine - Motor Vehicle
  • End Systems - Building Services
  • Siemens PLC - Engineering