Our Community Partnership makes a special delivery

Our Community Partnership makes a special delivery

Stockport College has teamed up with its caterers to make a special delivery to a local charity working to end homelessness.

Taylor Shaw donated to The Wellspring on Harvey Street in Stockport, with Stockport College staff organising the transport.

The Wellspring is a charity that provides support to local community members who need everyday necessities like food and clothing.

Student Engagement and Student Voice Lead Michelle McLaughlin said: “We take our responsibilities as a part of the Stockport community very seriously and feel that responding to a civic duty to support local people is an essential part of being a cornerstone of that community. We have always been able to support the community by equipping people with the knowledge, skills and experience they need to get ahead in their jobs and gain meaningful employment, but we are also proud of our community partnerships and recognising the difference they can make”.

A regular user of the Wellspring said it had been “life changing and lifesaving” and provided a service that had been identified as extremely valuable during this current public health crisis.

Stockport College has a long history of working with community partners to support the local area, which includes The Wellspring.

Project worker at The Wellspring, Aaron McMillan, said: "Over the last few months, we have seen the needs of our Stockport community rise sharply. With the increase in unemployment levels we are expecting that need to grow. We are so grateful of the support from Stockport College and Taylor Shaw, and their joined-up approach to supporting local people."