CollegesLive - AoC to host first student conference

CollegesLive - AoC to host first student conference

Students from Stockport College are looking forward to taking part in the Association of College's first ever student conference next week.

In a year like no other, a gathering of FE students will be given the opportunity to explore the themes that have dominated 2020 – social justice, climate change and overcoming adversity. Hearing from a host of inspirational speakers, including the 10th man on the moon, a Holocaust survivor and a youth climate change leader.

The event, which will take place on 18 November in partnership with Richard Chase Events, will be completely virtual, with students hearing from innovators, survivors and risk takers from across the globe. Due to the ongoing pandemic, students will obviously have questions about what the future holds and need to be resilient as the world around them changes rapidly. They will leave the one-day event with better teamworking skills, how to overcome obstacles and a range of different tips and tools from a host of inspiring speakers.

It will challenge students to think differently, consider the wider issues going on in the world developing their cultural capital and provide guidance and insight relating to future careers. Each speaker has been specifically chosen in relation to discussions, debates and protests in the UK and across the globe. From tackling the climate emergency, to systemic racism or running a successful campaign on many social justice and equality issues, each speaker will resonate with young people’s ideas, concerns or hopes for the future.

Speakers so far include:

Midge Ure OBE- Singer/Songwriter/Producer, co-Founder of BandAid / LiveAid & Ambassador for Save the Children, Midge will be sharing what he has learned from a lifetime of campaigning as Band Aid and Live Aid set the agenda for more than a decade. Bringing together artists, activists and politicians to push for change. Speaking ahead of the event, Midge Ure said: “I am delighted to be a part of this first ‘Colleges Live’ conference! An event which motivates a young person to be creative and engaged with their future will be a great asset as they move on to the next stage of their life”.

Charles Duke, Astronaut, was a critical part of NASAs space programme during the height of the space race. He helped to guide Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins as they touched down on the Moon in 1969. He also became the tenth person to ever step foot on the moon himself.

Ana Carolina Corrêa - Global Climate Change, is on the frontline of the battle against the climate emergency. Ana, who is based in Brazil is a youth climate leader and climate activist.

Jerri Williams - FBI Special Agent, an African American woman who overcame many obstacles and prejudices to become a leading FBI agent. 28 years in the field, she is a global economic crimes expert and works to improve diversity and inclusion in the FBI.

Edgar Feuchwanger, German‐British historian, he and his family were neighbours of Adolf Hitler, until they were forced to flee Germany. Now 98, Edgar tells the story of witnessing the rise of Nazi Germany first-hand.

Hilary Clifford, Managing Director of AoC Services said:

“It’s so exciting to be hosting the first ever student conference dedicated to college students. We know this year has been extremely tough for students with so much uncertainty, we want this conference to be about coming together and sharing thoughts and ideas. We want as many colleges to sign up as possible to give every student a chance to develop skills that will help them to progress into career paths right for them and make a real difference.”