College donates PPE to frontline healthcare workers

College donates PPE to frontline healthcare workers

Stockport College has donated 3,000 items of personal protective equipment to local care workers to help during the COVID-19 crisis.

Departments have rallied round to send their stocks of PPE to front-line healthcare workers, with sizeable drops coming from Hair and Beauty and HE Construction.

The College dispatched protective gloves, masks and goggles shortly after lockdown started. It is understood these will help carers do their jobs across adult services with some sent for use in local hospitals.

HNC Construction Lecturer Phil Else said: “With the NHS being sorely pressed for resources, we felt that the equipment would be of much better use in their hands. After all, if any one of us gets ill, or if we have friends and family working on the front line, we’ll be thanking our stars the NHS had just enough PPE to go around.

“If the department’s donation helps one person, in one critical situation, then we feel we have done our bit.”

Stepping Hill Hospital was among the recipients of some of the College's goggles and gloves, which have been successfully screened for future use.

Medical Director for Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, Colin Wasson, said “We are very grateful for these PPE donations from Stockport College and the many others we have received. Fortunately, we are not currently facing a shortfall of PPE at Stepping Hill Hospital, but these donations are helpful in ensuring we can preserve stock for future use.

"All donations are inspected by our procurement, EBME (Electro-Biomedical Engineering) and infection prevention teams to make sure they are suitable for use. We’d like to say a big thank you to Stockport College and everyone else who has kindly donated in this way. Knowing that our community is behind us in this way, serves as a massive support to our staff.”