First-degree student’s business reaches millions daily

First-degree student’s business reaches millions daily

Nick Entwistle has been attracting a growing social media following since graduating from The University Centre Stockport College with a first-class degree in graphic design.

He’s bumped Justin Bieber off the Christmas Number One Chart spot with his creative visualisation of the NHS Choir’s chart-topping Bridge Over You in 2015, helped to raise more than £100,000 for a young girl with cancer through his C-word campaign and gained publicity for some of the world’s most prominent brands, such as the WWF and MS Trust, attracting an influential reputation for his business, the Bank of Creativity.

In addition to his company’s social media, Nick has amassed a following of more than 30,000 through his Twitter account @OneMinuteBriefs, where he posts daily challenges to solve real and imagined design problems for some of the world’s biggest brands, with clients like KFC, Oxfam and Lad Bible.

The former Werneth High School pupil said: “My classmate and I came up with the idea for One Minute Briefs as undergraduates at Stockport College, as we much preferred coming up with creative ideas instantaneously instead of carrying out weeks of research.

“A lightbulb moment regarding collaboration came when a Stockport College lecturer checked my entry into a design competition. He told me that it wouldn’t win, and instead pointed me in the direction of someone else, telling me to go make my good idea great with that person, which we did and won first place. That, in essence, is what I’ve been doing ever since.”

But it all almost didn’t happen when, aged just 26, Nick suffered a heart attack on his way to a football match for One Minute Briefs FC. During his recovery, Nick continued working for agencies while taking on the role of director for this business, the Bank of Creativity, eventually making this his sole focus three years later in 2018.

“Recovering from a heart attack at such a young age wasn’t easy with the self-doubt and worry that something like this brings, but it made me really appreciate life and changed the way I think about things. I would never say it is a good thing that it happened, but maybe it is?” he said.

Following hospital treatment, Nick carried out freelance projects and continued posting One Minute Briefs, “finding his old self” by giving talks to universities, such as The University Centre Stockport College, eventually presenting at our Graduation Ceremony at Stockport Town Hall in 2019.

Nick said: “I have really good memories of Stockport College. For me, Stockport College stands out for its personalised approach with students. Smaller class sizes mean so much more individual attention with a wide scope to grow and develop your skills.

“Students are actively encouraged to make links with industry during the course, which I think really sets Stockport College apart. I really feel like I’ve had an education like no other coming through the College and University Centre. By studying at Stockport through the entire of my post-16 education journey, I really have been able to stay near, and go far in my ambition to become a creative director.”

To check out Nick’s work visit or Twitter @BOC_ATM and to take part in @OneMinuteBriefs visit Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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