Student Leaders and Council

Our student leaders are at the forefront of positive change within the college. Here you'll find information on our Leaders, Student Equalities Council and Green College Assembly initiative.

At Stockport College, students are involved in the creation and operation of our college life. To ensure their voice is heard, our students can stand for election in a democratic process where they can represent their peer groups.

Student Leaders

Each of our curriculum areas will have a designated and democratically elected Student Leader and Deputy Leader. Ensuring that our college celebrates our British values of respect and democracy. Our student leaders will meet with our Principal and senior staff members regularly throughout the year, taking any thoughts and ideas on how we can improve and evolve as a college. Student leaders will be an effective link in the communication between our young people and our senior staff team.

Student leaders are participants in the operation and organisation of our Student Conference where the importance of learner voice is celebrated. They will work with our Student Engagement Lead, and be consulted about participating in a range of events exciting events.

Course Representatives

Each course has a representative who will liaise closely with the Student Leader for their curriculum area. By representing their course they will have the responsible role of representing their student peer group and attending Student Conference to share their ideas and opinions.

Student Equalities Council

Stockport College values the ideas and opinions of all students. In our Equalities Council students have a platform to express their views on local and national issues, and take their ideas to local government where they present to Stockport Council government officials. Students have the opportunity to engage with the British Youth Council and respond to the Make your Mark campaign. Engagement with political literacy and democracy which supports our college values and British Values.

Students will have the opportunity to volunteer and support our local community with our trusted community partners.

Get involved and build your critical thinking and presentation skills and make links with your local community. In this way supporting career development and work ready skills. For more information download the form below and hand it in to your personal tutor or alternatively email the Student Engagement Lead Michelle Mclaughlin on

Green College Assembly

The Green College Assembly is there to make your ideas and suggestions about creating a greener, safer world a reality for our College and our local communities.

It only takes two minutes to change the world, to show how small changes in our lives can make a huge change. Through the Green College Assembly we lead young person's discussions through Greater Manchester Combined Authority on the environment issues you are passionate about.

  • Get an understanding of what Greater Manchester are doing to support a greener safer environment
  • Get involved in local initiatives to develop green spaces.
  • Have the opportunity of representing your College as an Ambassador.
  • Have the opportunity to be part of the Stockport College Leadership Programme.
  • Boost your University applications and CV with skills and passions put into practice.

For more information download the form below and hand it in to your personal tutor or alternatively email the Student Engagement Lead Michelle Mclaughlin on