Health & Social Care

This sector is home to some of the most rewarding careers you can pursue but can also be challenging emotionally. The people who work in this sector truly care about helping other people. The social care sector employs more than 1.49 million people, and now with the increasing crossover with the health care sector, the demand for skilled workers is rising.

With us you will learn about personal care, communicating effectively, healthy living and team work along with creative activities. Our variety of courses and expert lecturers will ensure that you excel in your studies and discover the best career path for you. Care about your future? Then Study Health & Social Care at Stockport College.

Our Courses

Health & Social Care - Level 1 Introductory Diploma

Health & Social Care - Level 2 First Certificate

Health & Social Care - Level 3 Extended Diploma

Health and Social Care - Level 3 Diploma