Engineering plays a huge role in driving our economy and providing key solutions to some of the current and new major global challenges. The physical world is developing, and the engineering sector is forever expanding with careers in aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, railway and biomedical ready to be pursued. With this rising demand for skilled workers, there hasn't been a better time to join the Engineering sector.

Offering Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical, our Engineering courses have never been better. Courses are delivered in a practical hands-on setting where you will gain the technical know-how along with important lessons in health and safety, communications, science and maths. Start designing your career path by studying Engineering at Stockport College.

Our Courses

Engineering Technologies Level 2

Performing Engineering Operations (Electronics) Level 2 Diploma

Performing Engineering Operations (Mechanical) Level 2 Diploma

Engineering Level 3 Extended Diploma

Level 3 EAL Diploma in Engineering Technologies