The construction industry is in the midst of a thrilling transformation, embracing new technological advancements and modern methods, as the world continues to move towards a more digital future. However, as ideas and opportunities change within the sector, jobs and businesses remain forecast to grow. Our excellent construction trade facilities are some of the best in the North West, having previously hosted ‘WorldSkills’ competitions. Here you will learn in a hands-on practical environment, developing the skills you need in your chosen trade area, whilst underpinning the technology with learning in the classroom. Build the foundations to a great career by studying Construction Trades at Stockport College.

The Electrical Installation industry is thriving and you're sure to be entering into an ever-growing trade. In 2019, not only had Electricians continued to earn the most out of all of the trades, but they also had seen the biggest increase in average salary year-on-year at 5%. A career in Electrical Installation is now opening doors to travel, working at festivals and stadiums, and helping the new robotics industry move forward.

Do you want a career working with the latest technology? Under the guidance of our industry-experienced staff, you will study in our dedicated workshops, gaining the practical skills and valuable knowledge of the electro-technical industry that you need to have a successful career in the sector. Spark your journey into life by studying Electrical Installation at Stockport College.

Working as a Plumber, you’ll be faced with a variety of tasks and, as you’ll often be called out in an emergency, there’s plenty of job satisfaction. Working as a plumber involves much more than simply fixing leaky pipes, as every day can involve a new job, a new client or a new environment. The surge of smart products and home systems have revolutionised the residential services industry and now new devices that didn’t exist many years ago are keeping skilled workers in jobs and creating more for generations to come.

Our Courses

Bricklaying Level 1 Diploma

Carpentry & Joinery Level 1 Diploma

Painting & Decorating Level 1

Plastering Level 1

Plumbing Level 1

Bricklaying Level 2 Diploma

Painting & Decorating Level 2

Plastering Level 2

Plumbing Level 2 Diploma

Site Carpentry Level 2 Diploma

Site Carpentry Level 2 Diploma

Level 3 Diploma in Plumbing Foundation

Site Carpentry Level 3 Diploma

Site Carpentry Level 3 Diploma