Art & Design

The UK’s creative industries contribute over £100 billion value to the UK economy. Even more importantly, more than two million people work in creative industries and that number is only going to grow. Manchester’s appreciation for the arts was expressed with the successful launch of the Manchester Arts Fair, one of the largest and most exciting art fairs in the country.

Art and design requires creativity, the ability to come up with new ideas and a keen eye for detail. From day one you will be working hard under the guidance of our expert lecturers where you can build a vibrant portfolio full of first-class concepts and artwork. Express your inner artist by studying Art, Design, Graphics & Photography at Stockport College. If you have a passion for all things creative, this is where you want to be.

Our Courses

Arts & Design - Level 1 Introductory Certificate

Art, Design, Graphics & Photography Level 2 Diploma

Art & Design Level 3 Diploma