Modern Art

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Stockport College


Stockport College

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Art & Design

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Thursday 18th April 2024

Course Duration

, 8 Weeks

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18:30 - 20:30

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£ 40.00
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Course Overview

Embark on a creative journey with our immersive Drawing and Watercolours Course, where art enthusiasts of all levels can explore and create wonderful art pieces. Led by an experienced artist, this course is designed to nurture your artistic talents and refine your techniques.

Whether you are a beginner looking to grasp the basics or aiming to polish your skills, this course offers a supportive environment to unleash your artistic potential.

Course Requirements

Participants are not required to possess any previous knowledge or expertise. We welcome individuals with a genuine enthusiasm for the subject and a willingness to actively engage and contribute.

What you will Learn


There will be no formal assessment.


For those seeking a more holistic artistic experience, you could try our experimental art courses which allows you to experiment with a diverse range of materials, integrating techniques from painting, collage, and sculpture to create multidimensional artworks. Or you could continue building your skills in drawing and watercolours with our advanced course.

Or you could try one of other wellbeing courses such as Confidence Building or Yoga.

Career Options

Completing a beginners’ modern art course can provide you with a foundation in contemporary artistic techniques and concepts. While becoming a successful artist often requires continued practice and dedication, there are various career options and opportunities for individuals with a background in modern art. Here are some potential career paths after completing a beginners’ modern art course:

Visual Artist: Pursue a career as an artist, creating and exhibiting your own modern art pieces in galleries, art fairs, and online platforms.

Art Educator: Teach art at schools, community centres, or workshops, sharing your knowledge and skills with students of all ages.

Art Curator: Work in galleries, museums, or cultural institutions, organising and curating exhibitions of modern art.

Art Gallery Assistant: Assist in the day-to-day operations of art galleries, including sales, marketing, and exhibition preparation.

Art Critic or Writer: Write reviews, essays, or articles about modern art for publications, websites, or blogs.

Art Consultant: Assist individuals, businesses, or organisations in selecting and purchasing modern art for their collections or spaces.

Art Restoration Specialist: Restore and preserve modern artworks, ensuring they maintain their integrity and value.

Art Therapist: Use art as a therapeutic tool to help individuals overcome emotional and psychological challenges.

Freelance Artist or Illustrator: Create modern art pieces for clients, which may include book covers, illustrations, or graphic design work.

Public Art Coordinator: Work with city or community organisations to commission and install public art projects in urban spaces.

Art Licensing Agent: Help artists license their work for use in products such as home d‚cor, fashion, and merchandise.

Art Researcher or Historian: Study modern art movements and artists, conducting research for academic institutions, museums, or publications.

Art Event Organiser: Plan and manage art events, exhibitions, and art-related programs for local communities or organisations.

Art Installations and Public Art Sculptor: Create three-dimensional art pieces for public spaces, museums, and art festivals.

Digital or Multimedia Artist: Explore digital art, interactive installations, video art, and other modern forms of artistic expression.

Art Supplies Sales Representative: Work in art supply stores, selling materials and tools to artists and art enthusiasts.

Social Media and Content Creator: Promote your own art and creative process through social media and become an influencer or content creator in the art community.

Remember that establishing a career in the art world often involves networking, self-promotion, and building a portfolio of work. The specific path you choose will depend on your interests, style, and the opportunities available in the art market.

Mandatory Units

There are no mandatory units.

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For further information please contact T: 0161 886 7070 or E:

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Although every care has been taken to ensure that the information contained within this document is accurate, there may be changes to this programme and provision. We will endeavour to keep prospective and current students updated where appropriate and when the information becomes available.
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