Excelling Computing Student: Charlotte King

We’re taking a look at excelling student Charlotte King, who has had a phenomenal year at Stockport College. Charlotte studied a computing course with the college as she aspires to become a software developer after university. We were able to ask Charlotte about her experience on her course and how Stockport College has helped shape her academic journey.

Studying with Stockport College

Tell us about your experience on the course, include any placement opportunities you have experienced or job roles:

My course was predominantly coursework-based, to which I had the creative freedom to complete each piece of coursework in the way I wanted, allowing me to create the most appropriate solution to each of the scenarios. I have really enjoyed the course, and due to the fact that I had really enjoyed the creative freedom, it truly helped me when it came to choosing the university in which I wanted to go to.

What was your favourite part of studying the course? E.g. did you have a particular module that you enjoyed and why?

Programming, IoT, and Mobile App Development. Basically, anything which involved writing code was my favourite. Although, all the units were great!

Looking to the Future

Where are you going now? Please tell us about your university aspirations and how the course you studied at college has influenced this:

“I am going to go to MMU. The decision to go to MMU rather than a more prestigious university that I had been offered a place to was influenced by the creative freedom of coursework.

If you were to give advice to someone who is thinking of studying your course, what would you say?

Merely attending lessons will not be enough; you also have to put in the extra effort of learning in your own time. If you would not do this, you will either fail, or your performance and knowledge will be significantly below your peers, which would obviously not be an ideal situation. By doing this, not only will you be able to complete your assignments and exams effectively, but you will also feel prepared for university!”

Interested in Studying with Stockport College?

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