16-18 Enrolment

Thursday 22nd August - Friday 30th August, 9.30am - 4.30pm

What is Enrolment?

Enrolment is the process of making you a fully-fledged Stockport College student. Whether you're studying at our Stockport Campus, Woodley Campus or you're joining us as an Apprentice, it's important that you enrol with us first. When your start date is approaching we’ll send you a letter that will give you all the details you need about enrolling with us, including; a date, time and location.

Along with your enrolment letter, you’ll need to bring proof of your GCSE results with you. This helps us check that you’re on the right course and level.

Do I have to attend?

Absolutely! Your enrolment day is to get all necessary administration completed, getting the paperwork out the way so you can focus on learning from the start of your course. 

What are the stages of enrolment?

We're glad you asked! Here's a brief outline of what to expect when you come to enrol with us after you arrive at college to be met by friendly College staff and our helpful Student Ambassador team.

  1. Enrolment – you will sit with a member of administration staff while they enrol you onto your course.
  2. Finance – to confirm your method of payment for fees  
  3. Student Cards – at the point of enrolment you will have your photograph taken for your Student Card, this not only tells us you've completed your enrolment but it is also your College I.D, which you'll need whenever you're at college. 

The next three stages do not apply to everyone:

  • Transport – if you are eligible for a travel pass there is a member of staff available to deal with this. It is your own responsibility to get to and from the campus for your enrolment session.
  • Financial Support – there will be staff available in the Student Advice Centre to discuss any funding issues.
  • Guidance – staff will be available to assist with anything from completing forms to advice on personal issues in the Student Advice Centre.

What happens once I am enrolled?

There's not much else to do once you've been through the enrolment process, but it's your chance to double check with College staff some burning questions you may have, or if you've forgotten any information that may be important, such as when your first day at college will be. 

I’m nervous about coming to College

If you are nervous about coming to College, this is not unusual. Every student you start with will be in the same boat, new college and a new group of friends! If you would like to chat to someone there will be members of our incredible  Student Services to contact you.