Employer Training

We want to give your business the competitive edge, with a tailored business solution from our specialist service.

Our specialist training service works in partnership with businesses to offer bespoke training packages, apprenticeship programmes, and recruitment schemes to provide employers with a more motivated and dedicated workforce.

We have experience working with a wide range of organisations, both large and small, and offer business solutions in a variety of industry sectors. Our proven track record in increasing turnover and improving staff motivation and retention means that we know how provide the perfect solution to meet your business objectives.

As one of the leading training provider in the North West and with National Skills Status in two industry sectors (financial services and hospitality), you can be assured our industry professionals will provide your staff with world class skills to help you get the most out of your business.

Got a question? Email apprenticeships@tcg.ac.uk or telephone 0161 886 7461.


Hire an Apprentice

More businesses than ever are benefiting from employing an apprentice with the College Group who they can train and develop alongside the vision and values of their organisation.

Our bespoke apprenticeship programmes are developed in partnership with you to train new and existing staff. Employers may also be eligible to apply for an incentive to help cover some of the training costs.

Our Recruitment Service

If you have a vacancy, or would like to train your existing staff, why not see how the college’s apprenticeship team can help?

Mentoring Programmes

Our College Group offer a work-based mentoring programme designed to support employees in becoming a mentor and equip them with the skills to help new employees settle into the workplace. Support is offered in a range of areas including confidence building, team working, mentoring and coaching skills, and leadership skills to name a few. Businesses who have adopted the mentoring programme have seen increases in staff motivation and retention, business profitability, efficiency and flexibility within their organisation.For more information about the mentoring project please contact the College Business Training department on 0161 886 7461 or email apprenticeships@tcg.ac.uk.

Professional Development

Our professional development programmes are ideal for those who would like to work towards the suitable qualifications to aid career progression. As businesses are growing increasingly competitive, employers can benefit in supporting their staff on personal development programmes to ensure they have a better qualified and more experience workforce. Our higher level qualifications cover a broad spectrum of industry areas including:

  • Business & Accountancy
  • Construction & Building Services
  • Creative Arts & Media
  • Engineering
  • Hairdressing, Beauty & Spa Therapies
  • Health, Care & Early Years
  • IT & Computing
  • Science
  • Teaching

Business Training Packages

Every business is unique. This is why here at The Trafford College Group we work with you to ensure our training solutions are matched to your organisational strategies and objectives. We understand that your business needs to be responsive to change; this is why all our training packages are designed to be flexible and adaptable to meet these challenges.

Whatever the needs of your organisation, we will tailor our training in a way which will help you maximise the impact and effectiveness of your business operations with minimal disruption. It is also important that you are getting the best value from your investment, which is why we will measure the impact of the training, from staff retention and motivation, to the productivity and the bottom line of your business.

Our business training packages cover a range of industry sectors including:

  • Business & administration
  • Early years
  • Engineering
  • Environmental technologies
  • Gas, plumbing & electrical
  • Hair, beauty & spa therapies
  • Health & social care
  • Hospitality
  • Motor vehicle
  • Science & technology
  • Sport & leisure

To find out more about Business Training at Trafford College call 0161 886 7461 or email apprenticeships@tcg.ac.uk