Employer Charter

An apprenticeship is a training programme designed in collaboration with employers and training providers to give eager applicants the skills and qualifications needed by businesses. They are programmes with a combination of on-the-job and off-the-job learning.

The College have developed this charter to encourage organisations to sign up and commit to high quality apprenticeship opportunities. The College is committed to developing apprentices in order to make them: employable, multi-skilled, confident and capable independent learners, literate and numerate, well-rounded responsible citizens.

We are committed to the vision of high quality apprenticeships as a skills development programme for the current and future workforce as we build a new, fair and prosperous economy. There are a number of principles which must be met in order to ensure that this vision is realised in a way that is beneficial to the apprentices, the employing businesses and the society as a whole.

What can you expect as an Employer?

  • The College to recognise and meet the requirements of an employer training apprentices by actively undertaking a training requirement analysis
  • To research and utilise critical labour market information relevant to the regional and national markets
  • To receive access to exclusive College support services and training programmes, designed to improve the programme.
  • Qualified Training Officers who will support your needs as an employer and the needs of the apprentice in the workplace
  • Your apprentice to be visited regularly in the workplace
  • Visits to last between one and two hours, arranged at a suitable time in order to cause minimal disruption to your business operation
  • To be an integral part of the training in ensuring the apprentice and the programme is meeting your needs and expectations.
  • Your apprentices to be on the appropriate programme and level of study to ensure that their training meets the requirements of your organisation, positively influencing a return on your investment
  • The College to actively seek opportunities to offer a natural progression for your apprentice which will meet the aspirations of both you and the apprentice
  • The College to monitor compliance with Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity and Safeguarding requirements throughout the whole training programme

What are you committing to as an Employer?

  • Offering your apprentice a well-structured, fair and flexible apprenticeship that will set them well up for life in the industry.
  • Implementing an effective, structured training plan and be willing to adapt this as they progress.
  • Ensuring that your apprentice(s) attend College and appropriate training when required
  • Supporting the apprentice in working towards their formal qualification whilst in the workplace
  • Allocating a workplace mentor/monitor to your apprentice in order to help and guide them throughout the programme
  • Ensuring that the workplace mentor/monitoring is involved in the process of generating evidence towards the apprentices’ qualifications and reviewing progress
  • Employing and paying the learner in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions as defined in a Contract of Employment
  • Apprentices must be paid in line with the HMRC National Minimum Wage requirements, and the requirements of the Skills Funding Agency adhering to the requirements of the relevant apprenticeship Framework or Standards (developed by employers https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/apprenticeship-standards)
  • Carrying out induction training within the first week, ensuring health, safety and welfare procedures have been clearly communicated.
  • Undertaking the legal and contractual responsibilities for the Safeguarding, Health, Safety and Welfare of the apprentice
  • Ensuring that the apprentice is treated fairly and reasonably along with the rest of the workforce and not discriminate or act unfairly against
  • Implementing any remedial actions identified on Health & Safety Vetting checks or any other subsequent Health & Safety inspections
  • Providing reasonable access to the Company’s premises to any College or Funding Agency representatives and other external agencies
  • Advising the College of any absence by the apprentice for holiday, sickness or other reason as they occur