NCFE Award in Employability skills (Entry Level 3)

Course Overview

Students must be aged 16 years and above.
This is a course for young people with a learning difficulty and barriers to learning and/or disability who want to gain the experience and confidence to be more independent, and to participate in their community.
This course acts as a stepping stone to a course in your chosen subject or a bridge to employment.

Course Requirements

no formal qualifications are required, but you are:
Enthusiastic about being at college and see employment or further education as one of your goals.
Unsure of which area you would like to work in and are willing to try lots of new ideas.
Prepared to commit to a full time course.

Course Skills & Benefits

Communications - speaking and listening; developing reading and writing skills including using pictures and symbols.
ICT - how we use technology to affect our lives, using the internet, email and creative use of the computer.
Developing number and money skills through enterprise activities such running a business e.g. afternoon tea or café.
Being Independent - travel independently, having your say, keeping safe, drugs and alcohol awareness.
Adult relationships - awareness of boundaries, staying safe and making choices.
Dealing with problems and getting on with people - identifying common problems and developing realistic strategies to deal with them.
Your rights and responsibilities - how laws affect us, living in diverse society, understanding the rights we can expect and the responsibilities we have to others and ourselves.

Vocational Tasters:
Hair and Beauty
Motor Vehicle
Arts and crafts
Community projects
First Aid
Horse Riding
Film Club
Graffiti Art
Community Art
Rock Climbing
Planting in local area (Gardening)

Mandatory Units

Mind Set.

Optional Units

To follow, the units can vary each year to suit the learner requirements.

Course Progression

once completed the Entry level 3 Employability Skills course, you can progress to Level 1 Employability Skills or continue with their Further Education on a Vocational option course.

this course is a step towards employment or further education.

Course Assessment

No formal examinations will be assessed from activities.
A certificate will be achieved on completion of all units required to achieve the Employability Skills Award.

Course Finance

Please contact the College for further information.

Course Additional Information