Introduction to creative writing

Course Overview

In this short introductory course, you will learn about some of the key tools creative writers use. Beginning with methods to top and tail your story, you will examine character development and its importance in the creative writing context as well as other key elements that will enable you to start writing your own stories. You will also learn about a range of different poem styles and a range of different drafting techniques.

By the end of the course you will be able to recognise the key features of story writing; be able to develop characters & explore how senses can help with writing; understand how to begin and end a story effectively and be aware of different styles of poetry and the drafting skills required to produce creative written work

Course Requirements

No formal entry requirements as this course assumes learners are absolute beginners.

Course Progression

You can progress to our Improvers Creative Writing course.

Course Assessment

No formal assessment

Course Finance

Please contact the College for further information.

Course Additional Information


Why choose this course?

If you would like to learn to write creatively and perhaps eventually even commericially but do not know where to start, this course will a great first point in your journey. It is assumed you have no knowledge of creative writing and lessons are geared at an introductory level.

Who is the course for?

People with an interest in writing their own stories and who do not yet know where to start.