Interior Design, Level 1

Course Overview

Our introductory course in Interior Design will introduce you to the use of colour, pattern, texture, style and trends, before learning about colour balance and illusion. No previous experience or drawing skills are required, but you must be willing to learn the tricks of the trade.

Course Requirements

No formal qualifications are required for this course, however a creative outlook and keen interest in any or all of the following subjects Art & Design, Fashion, Textiles, Interior Design would be an advantage and starting point to explore and realise your creative skills further.

Course Skills & Benefits

This course is completed in three stages to build your skills as you learn and develop new techniques and skills. You will gain skills that will help you build confidence in designing interior design spaces for your own home or in a future career.

Mandatory Units

Stage 1:
• Formal elements of design: colour, texture, pattern, scale, symmetry
• Balance of all the above
• Colour psychology, mixing, terminology, harmonies, contrasts
• Visual and Tactile textures
• Pattern - construction, mixing, scale
• Colour and mood – visual communication
Stage 2:
• Technical/perspective drawing
• Lounge brief.
Stage 3:
• Ergonomics
• Kitchen design modelling
• Accessorising
• Historical elements
• Final major project

Optional Units

There may be other elements covered which have been particularly requested by students.

Course Progression

During this course you will build a portfolio of work which can help you to gain access to Higher Education should you wish to gain formal qualifications.

Course Assessment

The work produced on the course is formally assessed at the end of each term with tutorials and written feedback. You can gain a Pass, Merit or Distinction at each part throughout the year. At the end of each term you can gain a Stockport College Certificate.

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