Improvers' French

Course Overview

What do you learn?

This course is to provide those with further knowledge of the French language or those who attended the beginner’s class with more vocabulary and scenarios to practice the language as well as build their confidence.

At the end of the course you should be able to:

Request, give and follow basic directions/ use the alphabet, make simple food purchases, tell the time and book a journey/days, months, numbers. Use the target language to request clarification or repetition using the target language. Finally follow a range of classroom instructions given by the tutor in the target language

What happens in class?

During sessions 1 to 1 questioning will be done to encourage less confident learners to participate, more advance learners (learner who may have prior knowledge or attended the beginner’s class will be prompted to give more replies in French to support the learning process). The lessons will be structured to cater for various abilities.

Course Requirements

You will need to have completed a French for beginners' course with us or have basic French language skills in order to enrol upon this course.

Mandatory Units

There are no Mandatory

Course Progression

This is the highest level of Language course that the college currently offers

Course Assessment

There is no formal assessment on this short course

Course Finance

Please contact the College for further information.

Course Additional Information


Who is the course for?

This course is for people who can already speak some French at a very basic level and want to extend that knowldge further.