ESOL for Adults

Course Overview

This ESOL course is designed for adult students who do not speak English as their first language. You may be new to the UK or may have been in this country for a period of time. The course builds confidence in speaking English as well as developing skills in reading and writing.

Course Requirements

Whilst there are no formal entry requirements, you will be assessed with a written and reading test plus a language evaluation at interview and placed at the best level for you to improve.
We offer classes from pre-entry to Level 2 ESOL.

Course Skills & Benefits

The course will help you to improve your English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills so that you will be able to communicate in all situations. It will focus on learning the right words and using the correct grammar to improve your confidence. This is needed either to get a good job, make an appointment with the doctor, or even help children with their homework. Regular assessments and support from the tutor will help you to quickly see your own progress.

Mandatory Units

Speaking and Listening

Course Progression

When you finish the course successfully, you can progress onto:
A higher level of ESOL or possibly GCSE English.
The qualification may contribute to your application for British citizenship.

Course Assessment

You will be continually assessed throughout the year. You will study towards an Ascentis Award in Speaking & Listening, Reading or Writing as appropriate.

Course Finance

For full details contact the Enquiry Team on 0300 300 0090.

Course Additional Information