Adult English

Course Requirements

Students are required to undertake an initial assessment and interview. This will indicate the level of English and allow an Individual Learning Plan to be drawn up by the tutor to meet each student's individual needs.

Classes are available on various days with students placed in a session relevant to their initial assessment.

Course Progression

Students are able to progress to the next level, if appropriate, or onto GCSE English providing they demonstrate an appropriate level of ability.

Course Assessment

Students will be expected to complete work and study outside the scheduled class.

Assessment is on-going with formal end tests or externally set assessments completed at the end of the programme.

Additional Costs

Students will need to bring a pen, paper and folder to each session.

For further information on Adult English, please Email: or Telephone: 0161 886 7442

Course Additional Information


Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for students over 19 years of age who wish to improve their English skills.
Classes are available from entry level up to level 2 and cover topics including:-

* Reading Skills
* Punctuation
* Grammar
* Writing Skills
* Communication Skills

Students will have access to online resources to allow for practice to be completed in between lessons.

All levels are linked to a recognised qualification