Digital Skills

Course Overview

A beginners IT qualification for learners with little or no experience of computing.

Course Requirements

Unemployed adults claiming benefits. Basic numeracy and literacy skills required (an initial assessment is given prior to starting).

Mandatory Units

Computer basics - understand the desktop and how to create and print documents.
Online basics - get online, make purchases and send and receive emails.

Optional Units

(Select any 2 units)
• Audio and Video Software
o Understand how to use a digital video camera and edit and compile clips using movie editing software.
• Digital Photography
o Take photos, organise photo collections and carry out simple editing.
• Digital Music
o Manage and organise digital music collections and purchase music online.
• Social Networking
o Understand personal profiles and groups, post messages and photos and upload videos.
• Digital Media
Create CDs and DVDs using a computer, upload and share files and collaborate on-line

Course Progression

Onto ECDL L1

Course Assessment

Completion of 4 online assessments.

Course Additional Information