Assessing Vocational Achievement - Level 3 BTEC Certificate

Course Overview

The Certificate consists of 3 units:

1. Understanding the Principles and Praqcrice of Assessment.

2. Assess Occupational Competence in the Work Environment

3. Assess Competence in a Vocational area.

You will need to have achieved a competence bases qualification using approved standards

The course consists of tutor support in the classroom and assessment in the workplace. Learners build a Portfolio of evidence and the course is externally verified by Pearson's. An Assessment visit is needed and final verification prior to certification.

Course Requirements

This course is for anyone involved in the assessment of learners leading to competence based qualifications.

Mandatory Units


1. Understanding the Principles and Practice of Assessment.

3. Assess Competence in Vocational area.

Course Assessment

Course Assessment will be a combination of submission of a Portfolio of evidence and workplace activcities relating to the process of quality assurance.

Course Finance


Course Additional Information