20TH Century Art History and Appreciation

Course Overview

During this course, you will gain an appreciation of 20th century art and learn about the lives and work of a range of artists. We’ll take a whistle stop tour through the time period and find out about various art movements and key artists. Topics include:

• How to ‘read’ a painting
• Composition and the experts
• The roots of modern art
• Scandals and scoundrels
• Where does inspiration comes from
• Colour and symbolism
• Moods and expression
• How art is all around us.

Course Requirements

No prior knowledge is required. You just need to be interested in wanting to learn more about this wonderful subject.

Course Finance

This further education course is free for all 16-18 year olds who are resident in the UK and the European Economic Area for the last 3 years. (You must be under 19 on the 31st August in the calendar year that you start your course). 19+ learners - please contact the Customer Services Team on 0161 886 7070 for course and fee information.

Course Additional Information