Ansa Saghir

Ansa Saghir

Ansa Saghir - Computing

Self-proclaimed computer wiz Ansa Saghir originally started her student journey as a Stockport College student on our Level 2 ICT course. Flourishing in her studies Ansa continued to develop her skills, enrolling on a degree level qualification with the University Centre Stockport.

Studying on her doorstep, Ansa has been able to access the opportunities she previously thought were not possible.

Ansa said:

“ICT at Stockport College was not just about technology – it was about coming up with solutions to solve problems or to help people, businesses, communities and governments. The knowledge and qualifications I have gained at Stockport have allowed me to progress in my studies and developed me into a well-rounded professional.

I’m a hard working person who is not afraid to take on new problems or challenges and see them through to a desired solution. I am always very determined and committed to whatever task I have been set. My HNC course in Computing at the University Centre has taught me work successfully in teams and has prepared me for the world of work".

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