Sports administrator

A job in sports administration is a great opportunity to combine a passion for sport and fitness with the practical business activities of a range of organisations

As a sports administrator you'll help to ensure the smooth running of a sports organisation, which may range from reception work at a local sports club to marketing or human resources at a major sports club.

There are also opportunities in sports funding bodies and local authority sports development.

Sports administrators have a similar range of responsibilities to administrators in other fields, but usually focus on organising events and running sports facilities. Additional duties are likely to include promotion of the services of their club, responding to users, fundraising, and possibly working with budgets and dealing with supply chain management. You'll often find opportunities to take on higher levels of responsibility fairly quickly.

Sport has gained in political and social significance, with growing public awareness of its contribution to personal health, community development and the national economy. As a result, there is increasing demand for higher quality and more diverse provision, and staff are expected to possess a range of personal skills and attributes.]

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