Member of Parliament (MP)

MPs represent people's concerns and interests in the House of Commons.

Political issues are often at the front and centre of news bulletins, and the unpredictability of the field means each day will bring new challenges and obstacles to overcome.

You'll be making and implementing change that will have a real effect on the lives of those the changes affect - either within your constituency if you work in local government or on a national scale if you're employed in Westminster. If you feel passionately about a political party, you'll experience a great deal of job satisfaction seeing plans and policies put into action that you've helped bring together.

Working as an MP's assistant is the first step in a political career for many. If you're working in local government, moving to parliament may be your next career move. The skills and experience you'll accrue could see you working for more high-profile politicians, working internationally or embarking on your own political career in the future.

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