General Practitioner Doctor (GP)

As a general practice doctor you'll usually be the first healthcare professional a patient sees, and your work plays an important role in getting them the treatment they need

General practitioners (GPs) provide continuing medical care for patients in the community. They're usually a patient's first point of contact, seeing them in the surgery, at their home or within other settings such as care homes.

When diagnosing illness and recommending the required treatment, you'll have to take into account physical, emotional and social factors to provide a holistic approach.

Part of your role will be to refer patients to hospital clinics for further assessment or treatment and you may also run specialist clinics within the practice for patients with specific conditions, such as asthma.

You'll work in a team with other healthcare professionals to discuss care options for patients and their families, helping patients to take responsibility for their own health.

All GPs need to carry out admin work, but if you're a partner in a practice you'll be heavily involved in business functions, such as employing staff, managing contracts and working within strict budgets.

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