Gender Pay Gap Data

The Equality Act 2010 (Special Duties and Public Authorities) Regulations 2017 apply to a list of ‘specified public authorities’ including colleges. This included a duty for colleges with more than 250 employees to publish data on gender and pay.

The gender pay gap for Stockport College shows:

Mean 7.1%*
Median 1.9%**
Mean 0%
Mean 0%

* males’ mean hourly rate is 7.1% higher than females (£16.85 males v £15.74 females)

** males’ median hourly rate is 1.9% higher than females (£16.11 males v £15.81 females)

Pay Gap Quartiles

The table below shows a breakdown of the proportion of male and female employees in each of the four pay band quartiles:

Proportion of Males Proportion of Females
46% 54%
42% 58%
30% 70%
31% 69%

Stockport College Data Analysis

There are proportionately more female than male staff in the two lower pay quartiles. A large number of these roles are term time only, part-time roles and tend to be attractive to those with child care and other caring responsibilities.

Stockport College is committed to reducing the gender pay gap through:

  • Continuing to ensure that support for women returning to work following periods of maternity leave e.g. job share, and other flexible options
  • Encouraging men to take advantage of flexible working arrangements in relation to caring responsibilities
  • Further reviewing our family friendly policies
  • Enhance the College’s employer brand by promoting male dominated roles e.g. IT, technical and professional roles, with a view to attracting more female candidates
  • Following merger with Stockport College to provide a wider range of career progression and working patterns across the combined Trafford College Group
  • Providing mentoring for women returning from maternity leave