Local Offer

As part of the Children’s and Families Act, a SEND Local Offer is a requirement for schools, colleges and local authorities to publish the provision available to children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) or disabilities.

At Stockport College we are committed to meeting the needs of all our learners. Our offer describes how we support the special educational needs and disabilities of young people and adults.

Telling College about your needs

It is important to tell us about your needs as soon as possible so that we can plan your support. You can do this in many ways:

  • At open days or open evenings
  • At school careers events
  • On your application form
  • At your interview
  • On New Student Welcome Day
  • When you enrol with us
  • At any time during your course
  • By contacting the Inclusion Team directly

Transition to College

We understand that coming to college can be a new challenge for some learners.

The Transition Co-Ordinators work closely with schools and partner agencies so that we can plan transition to college at the earliest opportunity. Transition Co-Ordinators attend Year 11 reviews in order to support the EHC review process and identify how we can support your needs at college.

Transition Co-Ordinators will work with you to put together the transition support programme you need. This may include meeting with you at school reviews, arranging personalised visits to college and supporting you at interview to ensure everything is in place from your first day with us.

The Curriculum

Stockport College has an inclusive approach and setting, working in partnership with students, their parents/carers and teaching and support teams in order to remove barriers to learning. This ensures everyone can participate successfully, achieve their learning goals and maximise their potential.

How will the curriculum be matched to my needs?

As part of our application, interview and assessment procedures, we will endeavor to enrol you on the most appropriate course of study. If you have an EHCP, we will be consulted on whether we have the right curriculum for you and can meet your support needs.

In Foundation Learning, all lessons have differentiated learning outcomes according to their students’ needs and starting points. And the curriculum can be adapted depending on learning needs.

All teachers plan for individual needs. All students have an ILP for English & maths. Students set SMART targets with support from their Personal Tutor.

Foundation Learning

Foundation Learning provides an opportunity for students who may need additional learning to access further education courses. As there are no formal entry requirements, acceptance on a course is subject to an assessment and interview. To help prepare students for a higher level course, the Foundation Learning courses combine the following topics:

  • English (GCSE and Functional Skills)
  • Maths (GCSE and Functional Skills)
  • Employability
  • A Professional and Technical Option

A supported Internship is also offered by the Foundation Learning Team.

Mainstream Curriculum

The College provides study programmes mainly at Levels 2 and 3. In a limited number of vocational areas there are some level 1 programmes. All young people enrolling on a full time course at Stockport College will be placed on an appropriate Study Programme. The level of study offered is dependent on specific academic entry requirements. (Please refer to individual course entry details for each programmes specific requirements)

The Study Programme will consist of the following key elements:

  • A substantial core qualification in an academic or vocational discipline that leads to good progression outcomes into higher education, further study at the next level or sustainable employment
  • English and Maths courses for all learners without a grade C or above in these subjects at GCSE level
  • Careers education, advice and guidance including work experience, employability skills, enterprise capability and other opportunities to engage with the world of work
  • Enrichment opportunities, pastoral support and a tutorial programme focused upon academic and personal development

All the above components are compulsory.


Apprenticeships give you the opportunity to work and study at the same time. There are entry requirements and you need to be ‘work-ready’. For more details on apprenticeships phone 0161 886 7461 or email apprenticeships@tcg.ac.uk.

Higher Education / Community Education

The University Centre offers a wide range of courses for school leavers and adults looking to learn new skills to enhance their careers, people in the community interested in leisure courses, and those looking to return to work. Our courses include technical and professional courses, A Levels, degree level courses and Apprenticeships in Greater Manchester.

Support for All Students


  • Course Tutor – at the start of the course, the student will be teamed up with tutor who will see the learner regularly to discuss their progress, along with any issues or problems that may occur
  • Pastoral Support Mentor – if there are issues that are hindering your progress such as attendance, punctuality, motivation, problems outside of college then a Pastoral Support Tutor will provide extra support to help you improve
  • Careers and Guidance – the professional team, along with careers services will assist in the planning for the learners next step
  • Counselling – if you want to talk in confidence about any unexpected difficulties, worries or problems then the approachable counsellor is available to speak to them privately
  • Contraceptive, sexual health service and FE Chaplains.

Campus Accessibility

The following is available for learners with mobility difficulties

  • Lifts
  • Evacuation Chairs and personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEPs)
  • Accessible parking spaces
  • Accessible toilets
  • Hearing loops


The college has a strict policy on behaviour. Students are asked to sign up to the College Charter and Code of Conduct when they enrol and this applies to all students.

If a learner with additional needs is placed on a disciplinary, the Inclusion Team will provide advice and guidance to the disciplinary team.


All first year parents receive a Parent Guide and a covering letter from the Principal. Stockport College has a focus on continuous improvement and the views of students and their parents are highly valued.

Formal reports and Parents Evenings are provided throughout the year. However, parents are welcome to contact the college at any point. Stockport College is committed to working with parents/carers and provides many opportunities to meet staff throughout the year. These include Open Events, Welcome Evenings, Parents’ Nights and Award Evenings.

Feedback is requested at all events in order that the service to parents can be continually improved.

Online surveys, focus groups and representative groups are planned into each college year and feedback is compared to previous years to identify areas for improvement.

Support for Additional Needs

Planning your support

We will use our best endeavours to put appropriate learning support in place to meet students educational needs, including those without Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans.

Before support is put in place, we will carry out an initial assessment of learners who have disclosed an additional need. This may be followed up with an observational assessment carried out in the classroom. We may also ask if we can contact your previous provider for information from them

If you have an EHCP, we will work with you, and external agencies if required, to ensure you are being supported towards the short term targets and longer term outcomes. We will coordinate your annual review.

Support will be reviewed regularly, taking into account your individual progress and any changes to your ambitions and aspirations, which may lead to changes in the type and level of support.

Risk Assessments

There may be occasions when we need to carry out a risk assessment before an offer of a course and support can be made. This may be because there is evidence that there may be a risk to you or others at college due to additional support needs.

If required, a risk assessment will be carried out by the Head of Inclusion with all relevant information and signed off by the Executive Leadership Team prior to a decision being made. It is important that you share as much information as possible with us so that a fair decision can be made.

On course support

Our dedicated team of Learning Facilitators will work with you to design a personalised support package. We also work with partner agencies to ensure you can access the help you need. This could include any of the following:

  • In class support
  • Out of class support
  • Study skills support
  • Modified materials
  • Communication support
  • Support from Sensory Support/SALT specialists
  • Exams Access Arrangements

Specialist Assessment and Support

We have a highly qualified team of Specialist Assessors to support learners who have, or think they have, a Specific Learning Difficulty e.g. Dyslexia. The team will carry out specialist assessments to design and deliver a personalised 1:1 support programme – giving you new skills to try out in lessons.

If you require other specialist services e.g. Speech and Language Therapy, Sensory Support, we will work with local agencies to arrange a support package for you.

Assistive Technology

At college, we embrace the opportunities that technology can bring to your studies and encourage you to use it wherever possible. The College has a range of assistive software available for all students. We can also lend you equipment such as laptops and digital voice recorders, or even better, show you how to make the most of your own kit.

Medical Needs and Personal Care

We do not have on-site college nurses or personal care assistants.

We can offer storage for medication if you are able to administer this yourself.

We have some personal care facilities should you wish to use them and access acre from an external agency. We will need to assess whether the facilities meet your needs and plan this with you and your personal care provider.

Preparation for Adulthood

We will work with you to support you to be as independent as possible at college to prepare you for employment and independent living. The Inclusion Team will set SMART targets which relates specifically to your support and any barriers you are experiencing to enable you to develop your skills and abilities.

You will have opportunities to take part in work experience placements, trips and visits. Support will be offered as identified in your EHCP or support plan.

The College holds regular careers events to help you plan your progression in college, or beyond to higher education or employment.

Useful Links

Council Local Offer: https://stockport.fsd.org.uk/kb5/stockport/fsd/localoffer.page

Careers Service: https://www.stockport.gov.uk/groups/national-careers-service

Parent Partnership: https://stockport.fsd.org.uk/kb5/stockport/fsd/service.page?id=1Ql6RnyNP1E&familychannel=999