Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance

Engineer, Production Manager, Illustrator, what is your career aspiration?

Students on 16-18 study programmes (including potential students) will have access to careers information, advice, guidance and meaningful encounters with employers including access to work experience placements.

Careers Programme

To support individuals on their journey to a successful career all students studying with us here at Stockport College are enlisted onto our Careers Programme, as an integral part of their study programme. We even provide impartial careers guidance and support before you choose to enrol with us.

We provide students with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to make positive career choices. The Careers Programme is tailored to the needs of individual students and provides a range of activities prior to enrolment, on programme and also as part of a student’s progression at the end of their course.

Emma Goodlet - Strategic Careers Lead

Shaun Deakin - Programme Leader, Careers

Should you require any further information, advice or a careers guidance appointment please contact us on 0161 952 4694 or 0161 886 7548 or alternatively email:

Before you enrol with us

- Access to impartial careers information, advice and guidance through a fully qualified careers adviser.

- Course information sessions at open days and interview events that outlines career progression options.

Whilst you're a student

- Access to impartial careers information, advice and guidance through a fully qualified careers adviser.

- Access to high quality work related learning opportunities including careers talks, industry visits, employer projects, mentoring and volunteering.

- Access to high quality external work experience opportunities linked to career aspirations.

- Provision of a Personal Development Programme through tutorials that supports the development of wider employability skills.

- Access to on-line materials that support career development including job search skills and improving employability prospects.

After you've completed your course

- Access to impartial careers information, advice and guidance through a fully qualified careers adviser for up to three years after course completion.

- Support with UCAS applications through the careers and curriculum teams.

- Support with progression into Apprenticeships through our Apprenticeship Team.

- Internal progression process to support students to progress to higher levels of study within the College through the University Centre Stockport College or with other providers.

Start Careers

Start is a free, online careers platform, designed to connect 11-18 year olds with their future career potential.

Who uses Start?

User activity is driven through schools and colleges as they embed Start as part of their careers provision.

  • Students – as the key beneficiaries, students between the ages of 11-18 are the significant user group on Start.
  • Teachers – from senior leaders to heads of year and subject teachers, Start is used by everyone involved in the careers process.
  • Careers advisers – personal guidance from a professional is an essential part of any careers programme and Start helps these users to stay up to date and engage with students.
  • Parents – as a key influencer in a young person’s careers advice, Start provides parents with access to the same information so that they can better support their children.

Why is start different?

There are many reasons but here are just a couple:

Firstly, Start brings together much of the functionality and content provided by other sites, all in to one place. For example, it includes tools such as job suitability profiling and an online record of achievement; as well as content including job profiles, apprenticeship vacancies and course information for all post-16 and 18 providers.

Secondly, it comes with a structure to guide students (and teachers) through how and when to use the platform. On Start, these are called Modules and students work through them throughout their time at school and college. They’re designed to guide students through all the information on Start and ensure that they’re prepared for their next moment of choice.

Getting started with Start

Anyone can join the careers platform, at anytime. Simply follow the link here to register for Start, and start your journey to a thriving career.